Ministry of Human Resource Development (MHRD) Government of India has Listed Vishwakarma Voc-Varsity For Self-Employment, India
For Promoting "SAWAYAM" A Project of Skilling. Click Here to Open the Letter

See the video to understand the Innovation In the Voc-Varsity System of Imparting Skill Education.


Course and Curriculum Guidelines are designed in such a way to develop their inner glow, skills, talents, remedial vision, organizing capabilities, coordination, supervision, controlling ,interpreting and summarizing Power for the Best Management and Best Quality Output in the minimum effort, minimum time and minimum expenditure.

For Institute Affiliation

If you are running an educational, vocational or professional Institute for the promotion of self-employment and placement, you can affiliate your Institute with Vishwakarma Voc-Varsity For Self-Employment, India. ENTREPRENEURSHIP TRADE DIPLOMA & MARKSHEET are awarded and honour to successful candidates of your Institute.


A Private Micro Voc-Varsity setup as a Project under the management of a registered society established in 1968. it is our pleasure to Introduce this Presentation as Voc-Varsity Initiative: Vishwakarma Voc-Varsity For Self-Employment, India, Only Voc-Varsity Developing & Generating Crores of Job-Opportunities.

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