This course trains students to work as radiology technicians in radiology departments and clinics. After a undergoing a basic training in basic human anatomy and physiology, they are taught to handle X ray equipment , develop exposed X ray films using both wet devel-opment and the computerised X ray machines. CT Scan, MRI and ultra sound sonogra-phy.

The course curriculum covers the following topics:

Introduction to imaging technologies Basic anatomy, physiology and pathology Radiological physics Basic concepts and production of Xray Positioning of the patient Radiographic photography and dark room technique Radiographic imaging material and equipment Routine radiographic procedures Special radiographic procedures Radiation protection Modern imaging techniques Computerised tomography Cath lab Magnetic Resonance Imaging Special procedures and the use of contrast media Hospital practice and care of patients Safety procedures and patient care

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Admission Criteria

Eligibility Type Duration
10 +2 Diploma 1 Year