Education for physician's assistants is found at the master's Diploma level and normally takes a minimum of two years to complete. These programs generally require an undergraduate background in science and some experience in the healthcare field. In addition to completing courses, students must complete many hours of clinical experience working directly with patients at a hospital or other medical care facility.

Graduates must take the Physician Assistant National Certifying Examination (PANCE) licensure exam to get certified to work as a physician's assistant. After earning certification, physician's assistants must comply with continuing education requirements, which consist of a recertification exam and continuing education hours.

Here are some common topics examined in physician's assistant courses:

Pathophysiology Pharmacology EKG and radiology Endocrinology Nephrology Gastroenterology Pulmonology Neurology

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Admission Criteria

Eligibility Type Duration
10 +2 Diploma/Post Diploma 1 Year/2 Year

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